Scope and Content Note
        The papers of Harriet Connor Brown (1877-1959), author, journalist, and civil servant
reflect and document her interest in social and political issues of her times including the struggle
for woman suffrage, world disarmament and peace.
        Harriet Chedie Connor was born in Burlington, Iowa on September 11, 1872.
Following graduation from Burlington High School, she spent a winter at Wheaton Seminary,
Norton, Massachusetts before entering Cornell University where she received her A.B. degree
in 1894. Among other honors, she was the first woman on the staff of Erg, the University
newspaper. Having received a scholarship from the Association of Collegiate Alumnae,
predecessor of Association of American University Women, she had a year of study in Berlin.
Beginning in 1896, she served intermittently on the staffs of the New York Tribune,
Washington bureau of the New York Journal, and the Buffalo Enquirer. Freelance writing from
this time include reports, which are present in the papers, on the National Republican and
Democratic conventions of 1896. From 1903-07 she prepared the United States Geological
Survey's regular press bulletin.
        As the wife of Herbert D. Brown, whom she married in 1897, she collaborated with
him in preparing reports on superannuation in the Civil Service of the United States, and for
Congressional committees; studies for the Bureau of Labor, and President Taft's Commission
on Economy and Efficiency. She also participated in official missions to Caribbean countries.
        In 1929, Harriet Brown was awarded the Atlantic Monthly prize for biography
Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years, 1827-1927 was the story of Harriet's mother-in-law of
Ft. Madison, Iowa, a study of early American pioneer life. Drafts and other materials for this
work are a part of the collection. Also among her manuscripts and notes are stories of her
girlhood days in the schools of Iowa and New England, of college years at Cornell University,
 political life in Washington, official missions to Virgin Islands and Panama, and a history of the
Bureau of Efficiency.
                                Correspondence File
Box                     Contents
                        Dawes, Charles G., 1929-57
                        Duniway, Clyde A.
                                Brown, A.P. "Gus", 1898-1933
                                Brown, Chita, 1927-26
                                Brown, Constance, 1911-30
                                Brown, D.T. and Maria Foster, 1856-1927
                                Brown, Herbert, 1899-1935
                                Connor, (Edward, Kate, Margaret, Kathleen & Frank)
                                                January - June
                                                September - October
                                                March - April
                                                May - June
                                                October  November
                                                February - May
                                                September - December
                                                January - February
                                                March - May
                                                November - December
                                                April - August
                                                September  December
                        Kuhn, Constance Brown and Kathleen, 1937-83
                        Hoover, Herbert and Lou Henry, 1929-54
                        LaFollette, Robert M. and Belle C., 1920-52
                        Roosevelt, Eleanor, 1940
                        Taft, William Howard, 1911
                                        Subject File
BOX                     CONTENTS
                        American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1911, 1923
                        American Association of University Women, 1944-49 Brown, Harriet
                        Brown, Harriet Connor
                                Biographical Data, 1877-1944
                                Sick Room Memoranda, 1910
                        Bryan and the Democratic National Convention
                                See: Manuscripts & Notes, Campaign of 1896
                        "Business Tides" by Henry Hazlitt, 1955, 1957
                        Committee for Enrollment Against War, n/d
                        Diary, 1921-33
                        Fellowship of Reconciliation, 1922
                        Hoover Report, Commission on Organization of Executive Branch of
                                Reporganization News, 1952-56
                        McKinley and the Republican National Convention
                                See: Manuscripts & Notes, Campaign of 1896
                        National Council for Prevention of War, 1922
                        Schools and Colleges
                                Burlington High School
                                        General, 1887-1911, n/d
                                        Poppe, Dr. Ewald
                                                Birthday Gift, 1910
                                                Dedication, n/d
                                                Letters, 1893-1917
                                        The Echo, 1896
                                        The Pathfinder, 1914
                                                See Also: Manuscripts & Notes
                                Cornell University
                                        Alumnae, 1932-55, n/d
                                        Anchors of Delta Gamma, 1930-33
                                        Federation of Cornell Women's Clubs, 1910
                                        Scrapbook, 1894-1955
                                        Thesis, 1894
                                                See Also: Manuscripts Notes
                                Wheaton Seminary
                                                See Also: Manuscripts & Notes
                        Sound Money vs. Free Silver
                                See: Manuscripts & Notes, Campaign of 1896
                        Theatre Programs, 1911, n/d
                        Twentieth Century Club, 1923
                        "Ultimatum for Man", n/d
                        U.S. Geological Survey, 1904-11
                        W.F. Frederick Music Co., n/d
                        World Disarmament, Hearings, 1921
                        Ye Colledge Women's Clubbe, 1911-13
                                Manuscripts and Notes
                        A Sea Trip in Maytime, 1897
                        Allison, William B., Interview, 1900
                        Annals of a Poor Speller, 1908
                        Burlington (Iowa)
                        Campaign of 1896
                                1. McKinley and the Republican National Convention
                                2. Bryan and the Democratic National Convention
                                3. Sound Money vs. Free Silver
                        Cornell of the Nineties
                                Book Outline, 1890-94
                                Freshman Year, 1890-91
                                        Copy 1
                                                Chapter 1 (fragments)
                                                Chapter 2-5
                                                Chapter 6-10
                                                Chapter 11-15
                                                Chapter 16-20
                                        Copy 2
                                                Chapter 16-25
                                                Chapter 26-33
                                        Copy 3
                                                Chapter 16-20
                                                Chapter 23-27
                                                Chapter 28-32, 34
                                Sophomore Year, 1891-92
                                        Copy 1
                                                Chapter 1-6
                                                Chapter 7-12
                                        Copy 2
                                                Chapter 1-6
                                                Chapter 7-12
                                Junior Year, 1892-93
                                        Copy 1
                                                Chapter 1-5
                                                Chapter 6-10
                                                Chapter 11-13
                                        Copy 2
                                                Chapter 1-7
                                                Chapter 8 -13
                                Senior Year, 1893-94
                                        Chapter 1-5
                                        Chapter 6-11
                        Cuba, 1896
                        Daughter of Hawkeyeland
                        Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years, 1827-1927
                                Background Material
                                        Athens Homecoming, 1904
                                        Brown Genealogy, n/d
                                        Brown, Maria Dean Foster, 1927
                                        Foreward, Dawes, Charles G., 1928
                                Congratulatory Letters
                                Correspondence, 1931-49
                                Draft Chapters
                                        Early Married Life in Ohio
                                        Middle Years and the End
                                        Northwest Territory
                                        1927, April
                                        1928, May
                                Library of Congress, 1929
                                Press Notices
                                                October - November
                                                January - March
                                                February - April
                                                June - November
                                        Atlantic Monthly, 1929-35
                                        Little, Brown & Co., 1929-31
                        Illustrations, 1955, n/d
                        Little Maria, 1956
                        Speaking of China
                        The Great Revelation
                        The Old Guard and The New Policy
                        What I Have Seen And What I Hope To See
                        Wheaton Seminary
                                Before I Entered Cornell
                                Betrayal of Youth, 1921
                                Diary, 1890
                                Getting Started
                                Girls in Washington
                                Hebe On The Lawn
                                        Table of Contents, Preface and Introductions
                                        1. On The Way
                                        2. Homesick
                                        3. Adjustments
                                        4. A Harvard Caller
                                        5. Browning Memorial
                                        6. Work
                                        7. Visitors
                                        8. Appreciation
                                        9. Boston
                                        10. Spring
                                        11. Hamlet
                                        12. May Days
                                        13. Convicts
                                        14. Females
                                        15. Last Times
                                        16. Farewell to Hebe
                                La Primavera
                                Letter from Eloise
                                Letters, 1928
                                New England
                        Whose Surprise?
                        Woman Vote, 1922
                        Women's Peace Society
                                See Also: Scrapbook II
                        I.  Berlin, 1894-95; Burlington, 1895-96; New York,

II. Journalism--Government; Buffalo--Pan American Exposition,

1901; Cuba, 1902; Washington--U.S. Geological Survey, 1903.


                        III.  Washington, 1903-10; Civil Service Retirement;
                                Stunt Book, 1910; Testimonial Fund for Doctor
                                Poppe; Birth and Death of Twin Babies.
                        IV.  Washington, 1912-13; Suffrage; Constance--School.
                        V.  Washington, 1917-23; Herbert's Efficiency Bureau;
                                HCB's Appropriation Pie, 1920-21; WIL; Contance in

VI. Peace and Theatre, 1924; Washington; WIL; Women's Committee

for Political Action; Constance--GW, Cue and Curtain.


VII. Atlantic Monthly Biography Prize, 1929,

Grandmother Brown's Hundred Years by Harriet

Conner Brown.


                        VIII.  Grandmother Brown's hundredth birthday greetings
                                and thank you's.
                        IX.  Trip to Panama, 1929 (2-16 to 5-8).
                        X.  Bureau of Efficiency clippings, 1915-33.
                        XI.  Trip to Porto Rico & Virgin Islands
                                Vol. I., 3-28-29 to 1-28-30.
                                Vol. II., 6-18-30 to 10-20-30.
                                Vol. III., 3-2-31 to 5-4-31.